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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  August 24, 2016 1:00am-1:30am MST

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marc martinez with fox 10 news at 10:00. the family of a shooting instructor killed by a 9-year-old girl at a gun range is taking legal action. who they say is to blame. t.s.a. agents stop a 9-year-old boy from flying out of sky harbor. more than 700 apply but only 30 will receive licenses for arizona grow rooms. why so many are applying. thank you for joining us tonight at 10:00. this was a story that made national headlines. two years ago, a 9-year-old girl accidently shot and killed a firearms instructor with an uzi
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a wrongful death lawsuit against the company who owns the gun range. ty brennan has the story for us tonight. >> reporter: his family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against bullets and burgers. they are also working with lawmaers to make sure this does not happen again. this is the video that sparked outrage and shock two years ago. a 9-year-old girl learning how to shoot loses control of the gun shooting the instructor charles vacca once in the head. with the second anniversary of this tragedy, the vacca family has filed a lawsuit against bullets and burgers. >> the location where their dad was working and the businesses that were dom bined to operate
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they feel like they need to be held accountable for their dad's death. reporter: the family publicly told the 9-year-old saying they have no ill feelings towards her. >> they want the businesses to be held accountable. from their perspective, it is not right. it is not right that a 9-year-old can be given a weapon that shoots over 1,000 rounds a minute. >> reporter: they also started this is vacca's oldest daughter explaining the campaign. they are working with ruben gallego and massachusetts senator to pass the legislation that, if pass, would not allow kids to possess or fire powerful weapons. tonight, we did reach out to bullets and burgers for comment but we have not heard back tonight. we put more information on that
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fo ty brennan, fox 10 news. a couple wanted in california for a homicide and kidnapping may be on the way to arizona. detectives in los angeles county are searching for joshua robinson and brittney humphrey. they are wanted for a murder of a woman and kidnapping. detectives believe that they took off in her if you think you have seen the vehicle or have any information, you're being asked to call police. friends gathered to celebrate the life of a man who was stabbed by a transient. andrew hasbun spoke to a longtime friend of the victim and is live now. >> reporter: the suspect claims the victim was trying to take something from him and the
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defense. friends say the story doesn't add up. the man they knew was a dedicated supporter of the community. he was a well-known volunteer and advocate in the lbgt community. >> there was something going on to give in spirit, heart, and volunteer, he was there. >> reporter: she knew the victim for nearly 20 years. >> we accepted him j was. he is my baby boy and i'm going to miss him. >> reporter: a transient told police the victim, who was walking home from a night out, tried to take something from him while he was asleep. the victim and another transient struggled and the victim was stabbed to death. those who knew the victim find the suspect's story hard to believe. >> we will not let his image be
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happened to him. we won't let that happen so it has brought everyone together as we see in planning the event tonight. reporter: the money raised during the event will be used to help pay for funeral costs. >> a good hearted spirit like that can only be celebrated, not knocked down. we won't let his spirit be knocked down. >> reporter: that suspect has been booked for second-degree murder. he is being held on a $300,000 bond. i'm andrew hasbun, fox 10 a gold canyon man is sentenced to life plus 85 years in prison. he was convicted of five counts of sexual misconduct with a minor. the attorney's office began investigating him in 2013 after getting a complaint from the victim's mother. a paperwork snag delays a hearing for a sheriff's
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to a nevada standoff orchestrated by clive ammon bundy. a valley man will be sentenced next month for his role in the terrorist attack at a prophet muhammad cartoon contest in texas. abdul ablick abdul kareem was convicted for supplying the guns used in the attack. both men were killed before could carry out the attack. a huge mess at sky harbor airport today after the tank of a truck was carrying more than 8,000 gallons of jet fuel was punctured by a cable. hazmat crews were called out to clean up the spill. thankfully, it did not delay any flights. a mother says a t.s.a. agent at sky harbor airport treated her 9-year-old son like a
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>> reporter: saturday morning, the bergstrom family was held up for more than an hour. 9-year-old chille bergstrom has a pacemaker. >> we were told he was not allowed to be screened alternatively and would need an exception. >> reporter: since they had no exception, the family was taken for questioning. >> shocked beyond belief. in walks the head of department of homeland security for the entire airport followed by the other people from t.s.a. pen. >> and four police officers with guns, tasers, all of that. >> at tat point is when the t.s.a. agent said he would not be flying today. >> reporter: the family was released and booked another flight to minnesota. t.s.a. released a statement saying t.s.a. is reviewing saturday's incident and working to contact the family.
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>> just be better at your job. >> well-spoken little boy there. adot is making it easier to get a driver's license. there is no waiting in lines for people who need a road test. they can schedule tests online. 11 m.v.d. offices and other offices will start offering the services in the next few weeks to improve customer a big honor for cindy mccain. the honor that is giving her the lifetime achievement awards. epipens can be a lifesaver when someone has an allergy attack. they used to cost $60 and now the price has skyrocketed. lawmakers want to know why.
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a three year old girl a 3-year-old girl fights for her life one week after she was hit by a phoenix police car. the parents' attorney has released new information about the investigation into the accident. >> reporter: 3-year-old vanessa is in the hospital tonight. she is in a medically induced
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brain injuries after being hit by a police cruiser. she had to undergo surgery to remove pieces of her cranium to help with brain swelling. she went to buy ice cream from an ice cream truck. the police cruiser was behind the ice cream truck. >> vanessa was dragged under the and the side of her face was scraped up against the asphalt. >> that was nicole garcia reporting. with the recent zika virus outbreak in florida, many people are looking to go elsewhere for a sunny vacation, including here in arizona. travel magazines are recommending zika-free vacations
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south carolina, and hawaii. authorities are warning pregnant women to avoid areas with zika-born virus. nine years ago, a two dose pack of epipens cost $94 now the average cost is over $600. members of congress have written to the company that makes they are asking why the prices are so high. we talked to a mom who has a 10-year-old son with a peanut allergy. she says she can afford the rising costs but there are families who can't. >> there are kids running around in schools that anlts -- can't afford this and they can die because they can't afford the medicine to keep them safe. that the sadden and it's maddening. >> the company says they have a
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offering free epipens to schools. >> reporter: well, a loud storm across the valley early in the day today. not much through the afternoon. the rest of the state getting here and there.
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this might have woken up a lot of you out there. mother nature hitting the valley with another powerful monsoon storm. more than 1,000 people were left without power overnight near 32nd street and mcdowell. traffic lights shut down as a result. they think the power pole was struck by lightning. s.r.p. was able to restore power shortly after the storm passed.
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when it started raining. i opened up the sliding window because it dropped the temps. >> reporter: i was sleeping and i heard it. >> woke you up? >> reporter: yeah, it woke me up. it was quite a storm. not everyone got the same amount of moisture. up in the fountain hills area, 1.25-1.5. winds east, northeast at as the temperatures right now fall into the 80's. we got a few 90's out there but mostly 80's across the valley and across most of the desert areas. you can see here that moisture is kind of circling in and out again. that is caught up in the low pressure circulation. as it circulates throughout the day, it was circulating throughout the valley. not tonight, we get a break
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most of it is staying up north and coming down and evaporating. pretty big massive moisture in that area, north of flagstaff and down through flagstaff at this time. pretty big mass of moisture up there as well. we're continuing to see showers but they are falling apart and it is drying out a little bit. also, the amounts a little more than .25 of an inch in different portio dew points stay in the 50's for the most part. we see 60's and a few 40's out there. there is a lot of moisture around. we're not going to see for a few days here, here we sit with the futurecast. by friday, we get another shot on friday as well. there is a little more moisture that is going to be hanging out. we'll see a little bit of that stuff. the winds aren't too bad
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a few 90's surrounding that 96-degree reading. flooding through portions of colorado and utah on the day today. also, looking at high winds across minnesota with a 60 miles an hour gusts. 86 overnight. we'll look at 100 degrees tomorrow. a little drier for a couple of days here. late friday into saturday, cloud cover, temperatures come down. might be a storm. watch your kids around water. >> all rig a lot of you might have your dogs on the bed with you tonight because people are celebrating man's best friend on national dog day. it celebrates dogs of all breeds and recognizes all things that dogs do, including finding people during search and rescue missions and sniffing for bombs. >> dogs are incredible. there is nothing they can't do and they do so much and so
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least we can do is give them one day a year where we appreciate them. >> if you're having a down day, there is nothing like having them greet you when you come home. the best thing you can do the take them to the vet to protect them from diseases and parasites. >> why leaders in the valley think donald trump may choose
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the arizona department the arizona department of health services will grant 31 new licenses for the sale of medical marijuana in the state. 31 out of 750 applications it received and at $5,000 a pop at application fees this is a big sign that marijuana industry in arizona is poised for growth.
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we applied for another location in mesa and one on the west side. >> reporter: the money the state received from the new marijuana applications will be pumped back into the marijuana regulation program to cover administrative costs. the licenses are only for medical marijuana. if voters pass prop 205, recreational marijuana for those over 21, business will increase greatly. >> i thin adult to decide if they want to have a glass of wine or a joint. people don't go to the e.r. after they use marijuana. they stay home and order pizza. >> reporter: that will announce who gets the licenses this october. donald trump may be make another trip to the valley. his campaign is scouting sites for his political speech next
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venues. mesa didn't have spaces available but preferred the campaign to hotels in phoenix area. trump campaign not confirming or denying exploring areas for the speech. cindy mccain will be presented with a lifetime achievement award for her efforts. she is receiving the award for her year spent working to end human trafficking. she is governor's chair on human trafficking and she testified before a senate hearing urging the united states to be a leader in the global fight against human trafficking. that meeting is scheduled september 17. >> reporter: a lot of interest and energy going into this weekend. it will be the preseason game where the starters play most of the first half. this time, we're going to look
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nkemdiche and his unique
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>> reporter: i think it is one of the more interesting connections from position coach to player. 81-year-old cardinals' defense i have line tom pratt has coached the most dynamic defensive
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football. he is now coaching a guy 60 years his junior, robert nkemdiche. imagine the technique he can share with this rookie. here is tom pratt and been with coach arians since he arrived and he is like the wikapedia of defensive lineman. he can show things that are extremely valuable, especially for young players like robert nkemdiche. just the other day, rookie about his connection. watch his face light up when i mentioned coach tom pratt. >> he is tactical. he is smart and i like, you know, talking to him and getting his insight because he has a lot to say. he has been around the game for a long time. we have had a good connection since i came to rookie camp. it is good getting coached from
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nkemdiche play this sunday. they are getting closer and closer to the sun devils against the lumberjacks of n.a.u. the jacks are expected to contend and perhaps the faith to win the conference. no easy task for a.s.u. for todd graham, it is preparation we expect and a naming of a starting quarterback next week. to so far to this point. >> basically, demonstrating what fronts and coverages that we anticipate them doing on all three phases. putting in our base game today and had a great day. >> reporter: dave munsey asked me who does gonzo sit with at the games, baxter the mascot.
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looked like the d-backs are ready to roll here. yasmany tomas brings in jean segura and bases loaded and bounces this one into the bullpen. a couple of runs scored here and the bullpen has haunted this team all summer long and it happened tonight. bases loaded in the eighth. matt kemp as this ball get was from him a bases. atlanta, 7 and the d-backs 4 the final at the chase. i will be on sports night after dark so anything you want to talk about. >> i knew gonzo had a cap but i did not know it was that big.
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